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We forget we are part of Nature

Paskelbta: 2017-01-27

Let‘s get acquainted: I‘m a mom of two grown up children. I love life, people, nature, art (I‘m not absorbed in it, but I truly love all that).

When I‘m thinking about my recent activity (handcrafting wool filled duvets) I feel myself like one of the links between the past and the present. I appreciate my origin a lot. Just imagine — how many things had to happen through plenty of years, while my parents finally created me! From all genealogical link, through hundreds of ancestors, through grandparents and parents I‘ve gained a tiny piece of Humankind’s experience. And the base of all this was understanding that I‘m part of Nature.

Sometimes our mind deceives us, leads to the abyss of civilization. Brands, commercial manipulation, curved mirror image… Even in law systems, encyclopedias misunderstandings appear. And there is only one small cause — we forget we‘re part of the Nature.

Thanks God, or to be more accurate, my Mother for moving from a city to a countryside at her seniors age. She restored experience gained in her childhood, started natural farming, bred sheep and showed me the way how to deal with wool.

And now I‘m here with You. I am pleased to meet You. And I am wishing you light dreams!