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Paskelbta: 2017-01-27

When it came to idea make “Labos nakties” (“Good night”) bedding products it was obvious that chemically untreated, hand washed high quality wool will match only with a natural fiber fabric. Cotton — a universal, natural material available in many weaving forms. So for our products we chose high quality, certified cotton fabric woven in two different ways. Today we can offer products covered with the same fiber but with a different texture.

“Good night” production is exceptional not only because of the high quality raw materials used but also because it’s made manually in the old, traditional way. We aim to make our products reminding the old traditions and hand-made home goods. The idea to make wool comforters came within a few generations of ancestors, from the beginning of the twentieth century — the time when plain weaving cotton fabric was used commonly. Clothing, bedding, tablecloths and towels were made using this cotton weave. So as we process wool the same as in that period of time — hand wash using natural soap and card with the old carding machines — traditional plain woven cotton fabric becomes the perfect match for our home made wool batting. 

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Plain weaving cotton is soft and fine but very strong as well and has a solid texture. For those who like very soft and lustrous fabrics we are offering cotton sateen. Over the years sateen was used very widely — from tablecloths to shoes. It is considered as luxurious, silk resembling fabric and for many years was available only to wealthy ones, but now this fabric can be enjoyed by everyone.

The sateen fabric is made in a satin weave which means that there is a silky glossy finish on one side and a matte flat finish on the underside. Made using cotton with a high thread count, sateen is a durable material. The smoothness and high lustre of sateen means gives it a luxury quality, look and is incredibly soft to touch… It is also a material that drapes well and is long-lasting. As sateen is the slowest of the basic weaves to produce so it is generally higher in price.

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Thus, both the plain and sateen fabrics are the same 100% cotton. The essential difference between them is the thread density and weaving technology. Generally speaking, weaving sateen warp yarns are floated over weft yarns, for example four over and one under and standard plain weaves use a one-over, one-under structure.

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